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Simple AUX for the Jeep JL, JLU & JT


Simple AUX is a barrier block breakout board for the JL Jeep® OEM or aftermarket Mopar® AUX switches. This board adds simple connectivity to the AUX wires in the engine compartment.


  • -High quality, very thick FR4 board material
  • -Extra thick copper layers, for higher current abilities
  • -Genuine Molex® barrier block rated @ 50Amps*
  • -Mounts cleanly to existing body holes, no drilling or extra barckets
  • -AUX 1-4 & 2 Ground connections
  • -Uses the OEM fuses and relays
  • -2018 and up JL, JLU & JT
  • -Crimp version includes heat shrink-able crimp connectors
  • -Self-grounding via the fender bolt to the body


*Max rating of the AUX switches are determined by the fuse box. Barrier block itself is capable of 50A per connection.


This product requires that you have the OEM AUX switches installed on your JL,, JLU or JT!


Please select if you would like to solder the AUX wires yourself or have pre-installed pigtail wires with crimp connectors.

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